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I get a lot of SPAM / Junk form submussions, how to stop this?

Solution You are most likely a victim of "spambots" , programs that automatically search and submit online forms with their SPAM messages. It is similar to guestbook spam, message board spam etc. Basically these are programs that automatically fill your forms with junk info and send them to you and it is a problem with forms all over the Internet.

FormNut does have means of preventing this, it is called "Security number". This is a random number that people have to correctly enter in order to successfully submit your form. You can activate Security number for your form(s) like this:

1. Login to your account
2. Click "View/Edit" next to your form
3. Under "Use security image?" select "USE IMAGE"
4. Under "Use security image?" you will also be given some HTML code,
5. copy it and paste it into your form (between <form ...> and </form> tags) in the place where you want the security number to appear.
6. Click "Save settings"
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