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Secure online forms—what they are and how to use them


» What is a secure form?

Secure forms are HTML forms that use SSL certificates to encrypt sensitive data like credit card numbers and personal information before sending them through the Internet. This ensures that anyone potentially listening on the connection has no way of accessing and abusing that data.


» Do I really need one?

Yes, you absolutely do. Most people will not even consider entering their credit card and personal information into a web form unless it is secured with SSL. You wouldn't do business with someone who doesn't use SSL on their web forms, would you?

So a SSL secured form does two things, it:

  • encrypts transmitted data, and
  • builds trust in you business.


» The benefit of FormNut secure forms

The beauty of FormNut is we will process your forms designed in any HTML editor.

This means no learning curve, no use of complicated and buggy online editors, no limit of only a handful of pre-selected styles that don't fit into your existing website design.

Get your forms online in three simple steps:

  1. Create your form in ANY website editor of your choice; use what you are most familiar with,
  2. Sign up for a 30-day free no-obligation trial and upload your form to our secure server,
  3. Set the form action parameter to the FormNut-generated one, and you are ready.

That's it. We will process your form securely and email you the results. You can even accept file attachments or have form results saved for Excel.


» What is the point of using a secure form if the data is then emailed in a plain text email?

This is a great question that illustrates perfectly where many other companies fail. If the data is encrypted when sent from the customer to your website, but not encrypted when emailed to you, this defeats the whole purpose of encryption and is a huge mistrust of your customer's good faith in your business.

While there are existing technologies to encrypt email messages (for exampe PGP–Pretty Good Privacy and S/MIME), they may be complicated to setup for many users and some even require the purchase of specialized certificates.

Here's where FormNut comes in; we will encrypt all the data before emailing it to you. Only you will be able to decrypt that data with your unique private key, using our online secure forms or a convenient Windows application.


» Example secure forms

Below you will find some secure form examples. Please note that these serve just as a quick and simple demonstration, the actual options regarding the design and data collected in your forms are limitless.


Secure contact form

Use FormNut to collect data from a simple secure contact form.



Web form with attachments

Design your web form with any combination of different inputs, including file attachments.

Text box:
Large text box:
Radio buttons:


Select box:
Attach file 1:
Attach file 2:
Submit button:


A more complex secure order form

Need something more complex? The sky is the limit—design the form in any way you wish, we will process it.

Contact information
First name:*
Last name:*
Zip/Postal code:*
Telephone number:*
Best time to call:

Products you wish to order
  Product ID Quantity Comments/Special

Billing information
Name On Credit Card:*
Credit Card Number:*
Credit Card Type:*
Expiration Date:*


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