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FormNut fraud policy


FormNut is committed to high standards of ethics, conduct and fiduciary responsibility. As such, it is essential that FormNut has an effective and consistent protocol for responding to allegations of fraud or irregularity. The response mechanism must be clear, appropriate, timely and effectively focused if it is to protect FormNut, its customers and all visitors.


To clearly state FormNut's position regarding fraud and irregularities

To establish a protocol for reporting and responding to incidences of fraud and irregularities

To standardize the approach to investigations of fraud and irregularities and help ensure objectivity in decisions regarding each incidence


FormNut does not tolerate or support any type of fraud under any circumstances and strictly prohibits use of FormNut services to perpetrate fraud. All attempts to use our service or system infrastructure for purposes of fraud and any violation of our fraud or SPAM policies or Terms of Service will result in aggressive legal action, including criminal charges and punishment to the full extent of the law.

If any of the provisions of this Policy are found to be unenforceable, the remaining provisions will remain in full force and effect.


These terms and definitions apply to this policy with no implied or intended site-wide use.

Fraud; A deliberate and/or unlawful deception, misrepresentation or concealment of facts practiced to secure advantage, benefit or gain and/or to cause loss to another.

Irregularity; An activity or potential activity that deliberately disregards FormNut's regulations or procedures.

How FormNut fights fraud

FormNut strongly believes we have an obligation to proactively protect and inform our users against fraud. We have instituted an extensive array of system-wide filtering and alert mechanisms supplemented by human detection and monitoring methods to recognize and stop abuse of our services for fraud. For example: FormNut logs IP addresses of all new customers and times of signup, we use an "IP to country" database to confirm customer origin (country) and deny all signups from anonymous proxies. Our filters recognize and flag suspicious signups and orders, which our staff then manually reviews. All accounts reported for abuse are automatically deactivated from our system until we review the report and reported account. This usually takes about 24 hours. Tolerances for new users are lower than for long-term users, to make it difficult for fraudsters to hit and run.

When fraud emails/forms are captured by our filters or reported to us, FormNut:

  • Conducts internal investigations into the source of fraud forms and emails.
  • Immediately disables perpetrators using FormNut accounts to commit their crimes.
  • Although personally identifiable information is confidential (see our Privacy Policy), when deemed necessary, FormNut will divulge information about the identity and actions of suspected perpetrators of fraud to interested parties and law enforcement authorities.

    What to do if you find a fraud form or receive a fraud email

    If you have found a form or received an email that you suspect involves fraud of any kind, please immediately inform FormNut's fraud protection team by submitting our abuse form.

    For questions regarding our fraud policy please contact us using our contact form.



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