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Secure order form


What is a secure order form?

Unlike regular forms, Secure order forms use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) cryptographic protocol in combination with server certificates to encrypt information exchanged between client's browser and the server. This makes sure any sensitive information submitted (like credit card numbers) is unreadable and kept secure if a thief managed to intercept the communication. Reputable vendors and websites use secure order forms for all their online transactions.

To verify that the order form is indeed secure look at the browser's address bar. Instead of the usual http:// protocol you will see that the secure order form address starts with https:// instead. Most modern browser will also show "secure connection" icon in the address bar.


Do I need a secure order form?

In today's world having a secure order form is an essential part of doing business online. Shoppers are becoming more and more savvy, surveys show most of them will refuse to make a purchase unless the order form is secure.

To avoid hassle and costs associated with setting up a secure order form yourself you can use a third party secure form processor like FormNut to do the job.


Why use FormNut for all your secure form needs?

Our server is capable of up to 256-bit encryption; the same technology is used by major vendors, banks and government agencies. We spent a lot of time, effort and money to ensure your order forms will be as secure as possible for only a fraction of cost of setting up one yourself! Our solution requires no software to install, no programming knowledge and works with virtually any existing order form!


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Sample order form

This is just a simple example of what your order form could look like. You can design your perfect secure order form in any website editor.

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