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* Finishing is required on all signs with colored pictures.

8.8% sales tax (Wash. residents only)
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Forget about figuring and thinking:

Let Erl do it!
He will review your order-inquiry to be sure that what you want fits & looks nice on the board size you have chosen. I will then get back to you with his suggestions or concerns, and the total due. Erl will pull a board, measure and think ....literally draw it all freehand, then cut with router and knife---no computer. He has been making "perfect" signs since 1976. Once all is said and done, your custom sign will be Prooved. It will be as good as, or better than any pictured on these pages. --Paullet, his wife (since 1968)

Thank You ~ For Shopping With Us!

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Pay by bankcard at In our opinion, it is about as secure as any "bank" or "store" can be. It is normally quick & easy.. and gets your order in "same day". Pay to: Or send your payment via "snail Mail" with a check or money order.

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