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Please note - This contract is subject to credit approval.

Select Instrument

    Please call to check the availability of any instruments marked with an *

  1. Violin $18 per month
  2. Flute $25 per month
  3. Clarinet $25 per month
  4. Trumpet $25 per month
  5. Trombone $25 per month
  6. Viola $25 per month
  7. Bell Kit $25 per month
  8. Snare Kit $25 per month
  9. Combo Kit $25 per month
  10. Piccolo $32 per month
  11. Alto Sax $42 per month
  12. Cello $42 per month
  13. Bass Clarinet* $54 per month
  14. Tenor Sax $54 per month
  15. Baritone Horn* $54 per month
Choose Accessories
  1. Music Stand$15
  2. Method BookPrices vary

    Or type the name of your book here:
  3. Additional Accessories:

    All of the accessories you will need to start playing are included with your rental, but if there is anything additional you need, please note it here.

Maintenance and Replacement Coverage
  1. M&R Coverage$5 per month

    The M&R provision is optional but encouraged. By choosing not to accept this provision, the renter accepts full responsibility for all maintenance and any loss of, or damage to, this property. When you accept this option, Flesher-Hinton agrees to:

    • Complete coverage of all necessary repairs and maintenance due to normal wear and tear.
    • Free loaner instruments while your instrument is being repaired.
    • Free pickup and delivery at most schools within our service area.
    • Replacement of instruments stolen or damaged beyond repair.

    M&R void on delinquent accounts

    Read the full terms of the M&R coverage here.

    Accept M&R Coverage
    Decline M&R Coverage

Personal/Account Information

This info will be used to process a credit application and deliver the instrument.

  1. CO.

How would you like to get the instrument?

  1. Pick up at Flesher-Hinton.
    Have delivered to school.


  1. How would you like to pay your monthly bill?

  2. Automatic Withdrawal. Your card listed above will be charged monthly. To change the card you would like billed, or to stop automatic payment you will need to call (303)433-8891 and make arrangements before your monthly due date.

    Bill Quarterly.Your card will NOT be charged again or held on file with Flesher-Hinton. You will receive quarterly statements which can be paid monthly by check through the mail, by credit card at flesherhinton.com, or by calling 303-433-8891 to make a payment by phone.

  3. Tax will be added and a total will be emailed to you as soon as your application is processed and approved.

Complete Contract
  1. By clicking this box, you agree to Flesher-Hinton Music Co's terms and conditions, and that you are a legal resident of Colorado, 21 years of age or older.

    Yes, I agree.

  2. Important - Please Read

    By pressing the "Submit" button, you authorize Flesher-Hinton Music to investigate your credit in relation to the rental of the instrument indicated. You will be notified by a Flesher-Hinton Music Co. representative of your approval via phone call or email. Also, a grand total including tax will be sent to you via email and the credit card you provided will be charged. You will also receive an email explaining where and when the instrument will be delivered. This is a legal and binding contract. Please keep all emails and contract information for your records.

    Please allow up to 2 business days to process your rental.

Thank you for choosing Flesher-Hinton Music Company. We appreciate your business!

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