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Instrument Exchange Form

This form will act as a contract for the new instrument you are exchanging to as well as a continuation of your existing contract.

100% of the applied rent from your current instrument will transfer to an instrument of equal or greater value. If you are transferring to an instrument of lower value, your accumulated rent may be proportionally prorated.

If you are exchanging to a different instrument, your monthly rental rate may change. Please note the rental prices listed next to each instrument.

This form should only be filled out by the person originally on the contract.

Account Information

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Select Instrument
  1. Violin $18 per month
  2. Flute $25 per month
  3. Clarinet $25 per month
  4. Trumpet $25 per month
  5. Trombone $25 per month
  6. Viola $25 per month
  7. Bell Kit $25 per month
  8. Snare Kit $25 per month
  9. Combo Kit $25 per month
  10. Piccolo $32 per month
  11. Alto Sax $42 per month
  12. Oboe $42 per month
  13. Cello $42 per month
  14. Bass Clarinet $54 per month
  15. Tenor Sax $54 per month
  16. Baritone Horn $54 per month
  17. French Horn $54 per month
  18. Upright Bass $70 per month
  1. Will you be coming into the store to exchange the instrument or would you like to arrange for a road representative to make the exchange through the student's school?
    Pick up at Flesher-Hinton
    Deliver to school

Complete Contract
  1. By clicking this box, you agree to Flesher-Hinton Music Co's terms and conditions, and that you are a legal resident of Colorado, 21 years of age or older.

    Yes, I agree.

  2. After submitting this form you will be contacted by a Flesher-Hinton representative via phone or email confirming it's receipt, your instrument's availability, and when and where your instrument will be delivered or available.

    This is a legal and binding contract. Please keep all emails and contract information for your records.

    Please allow up to 2 business days to process your exchange.

Thank you for choosing Flesher-Hinton Music Company. We appreciate your business!

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