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Charge Card Authorization Form

Submission of this form is your agreement to permit Castaways Travel, its parent company Fox Ascoli Travel, Inc., d/b/a Fox Travel to charge your credit card and that you hereby agree to pay to your designated charge card company in full for the amount you have authorized below.

Until your card is actually charged by Castaways Travel, Fox Ascoli Travel, Inc. or d/b/a Fox Travel, the amounts quoted are subject to change by the travel supplier, especially for airfare. You will be notified of supplier changes, including airfare, before your card is charged.

Each section must be completed to make a valid booking. Missing or incomplete information will just delay making or confirming your reservation.

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  Must Check the following to complete reservation
REQUIRED - Check here to Confirm that you will pay for the vacation cost you authorize above, have read, agree to and accept the Castaways Travel Terms and Conditions specified in the Castaways Travel webiste at:
Portions of this package may not be or are not refundable up to 100% of the vacation value. Agency cancellation fee is $50/per person and additional cancellation penalties may apply from both the travel supplier, Castaways Travel and/or its parent company, Fox Ascoli Travel,Inc., Fox Travel.


You MUST select ONE of the 3 options below.


I have ACCEPTED TRIP INSURANCE - Classic Plan with Required to work

I have DECLINED TRIP INSURANCE - By checking this box, I acknowledge that I have been offered and I have declined the purchase of: Trip cancellation (including airline, cruise, and tour operator default) and travel accident/limited sickness/medical/trip interruptions insurance. I will not hold CASTAWAYS TRAVEL, Fox Ascoli Travel, Inc, d/b/a Fox Travel and/or its owners, agents, contractors or employees responsible for any expense or loss incurred by me resulting from delay/cancellation of my trip, accident sickness, death, infection, stolen or damaged baggage or property.

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HEDONISM OPTION:  Add this alone or in addition to a plan above. Hedonism permits change/re booking within one year.  Hedonism does not refund room cost nor other travel expenses.

HEDONISM only:  I have ACCEPTED Hedonism Change for Any Reason coverage for $55/person, subject to change by resort.

If you see the confirmation page, that means that we have received your payment information.
If you get any type of ERROR message or did not get redirected to a confirmation page... that means that we did not receive your payment information Please contact us via e-mail at or by phone at 281-363-0808.