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Load Description  
Year/Make/Model/Serial Number of Load (if applicable)
Dimensions of Load (Length, Width, Height)  
Unit Number (if applicable) Year
Manufacturer (Make) Model
VIN (Serial) Number of Power Unit (Truck) License Plate Number
State of Jurisdiction of License Plate Registered Weight
Number of Axles on Power Unit  
Unit Number (if applicable) Year
Manufacturer (Make) Model
License Plate Number State or Jurisdiction of License Plate
Number of Axles on Trailer VIN#
Trailer Length  
DIMENSIONS (Please enter feet and inches)
Overall Length (of combination) Length of Trailer and Load
Overall Width Overall Height
Front Overhang (if applicable) Rear Overhang (if applicable)
Gross Weight  
AXLE WEIGHTS (Enter lbs.)
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Axle 3 Axle 4
Axle 5 Axle 6
Axle 7 Axle 8
AXLE SPACINGS (Enter feet and inches)
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Axle 3 to 4 Axle 4 to 5
Axle 5 to 6 Axle 6 to 7
Axle 7 to 8  
Specific Address of Trip Origin
Specific Address of Trip Destination
Permit Origin (State Line, etc.)
Routes (Please be as specific as possible using route numbers and directions (North, South, etc.)
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