How to setup your form properly in Macromedia Dreamweaver

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Setup form parameters in Dreamweaver MX

Macromedia DreamWeaverTM is a popular HTML editor. This guide explains how to set the correct form properties to make your HTML form work with FormNut.

First of all you will of course need a FormNut account and go through the Add a form process in your account. There you will be given a Form action URL, something like:

(you must use your own action URL, don't use the one above!)

Step 1: Open your HTML form in DreamWeaver

When your form is designed, open it in DreamWeaver:

Open your form in DreamWeaver

Your entire form should be surrounded by a dotted red outline. If it is not go to menu Insert > Form > Form then move all your form elements (text boxes, check boxes, buttons) inside the red dotted box.


Step 2: Select form in Properties inspector

Click on the dotted red outline marking your form with your mouse pointer. Below your editor window (in Properties inspector) should now be available form properties:

Form properties


Step 3: Set form options

Set the form properties as follows:

-> Action: Set to your form action URL as given to you in your account
-> Method: Select POST from the options
-> Enctype: Should be EMPTY or application/x-www-form-urlencoded if you don't use file attachments. If your form uses file attachments set it to multipart/form-data

Set form options


Step 4: Save settings

Save changes to your HTML file and upload to your server

Your form is now ready!



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